Book One

A firsthand account of the devils of Hell, and all the things which creep within.

This book is not recommended for children.

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This issue contains the following stories: Globbodar, Ravager of worlds! - Globbodar the giant alien has come to consume all life on Earth! Can mankind's greatest mind stop him? The Mystery of the Mothman - An examination of the Monthman phenomena, and descriptions of various sightings. Science fair of Terror! - Giant robots vs. Mutant chickens with humanity caught in the crossfire!

Freaks, Mutants, and Monsters is an anthology series in homage to the horror and sci-fi comics of the pre-code era. Each story features a different freak, mutant, or monster as they go about their unspeakable atrocities, all with a touch of humor.


Hello Folks! The first issue of Freaks, Mutants, and Monsters is now available for purchase. Each issue will be an anthology of several different stories featuring a different creature from the blog as they go about their depraved destruction of mankind, all with a touch of humor.

Issue #1

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This issue contains the following stories:

The Saga of the Burrito Monkey - A freak accident results in a bizarre fusion of Burrito and Monkey!

I fought Muscadon and lived!
- Muscadon the giant Banana monster from outer space attacks the Earth!

Attack of the MeMe-Meeps!
- Two children looking for their lost cat adopt an
alien hatched from a glowing green meteor, bad things ensue...

I will also be selling this issue in the Artist's Alley section of the Long Beach Comic con this Oct. 29 - 31st. I invite all peeps down in southern California to come hang out. Last year the show was pretty big, it should be a lot of fun. Details on the Long Beach Comic Con can be found here:

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The Invocation of Cthulhu

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The Litany of Dagon

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